About us

Meelu Meelu is an English double transcription of „Myliu“– a Lithuanian word meaning "love". It is my most sincere conviction that  love is only worth something, if it remains uncompromised after a double check.

Meelu Meelu was born a few months after my daughter. I wished my angel would be surrounded in pure love and only eco-friendly toys and garments would do. There is a selection of quality baby products around, but I felt that my child needs to feel the warmth of caring hands in everyday objects. I was willing to go an extra mile to ensure all things touching my baby‘s skin are filled with pure love and quality. Whenever I was unable to find an object that would guarantee this extra mile of comfort and quality for my child, I would invest my time and effort to have it hand made.

All things in www.meelumeelu.com are the result of my unwillingness to compromise on quality when it comes to the one person I cherish most – my daughter Urte Kotryna.